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welcome to my new home i hope you feel comfortable everytime you visit. Aren't these hydrangeas gorgeous "Just a little Something" that i would love to have in my garden and one of those beautiful things to admire.

i'm really not sure what i'm doing or will be doing but i'll muddle through as best i can.

i have seen some very special blogs and have some very special friends that blog , i can only hope mine is as interesting and well worth many visits.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Well Hoot and Hollar....
this little bloke came to live with me in my studio yesterday... hard decision not to bring all his Tweet friends with him,

I have been missing in action for a few weeks, it's been a busy time Market wise over at ChikkieMoo designs but more importantly that CHRISTMAS is just around the corner how on earth did that happen so quickly.

I do believe I have had the preverbial head in the sand..... well not for much longer with our Christmas Pageant on next weekend and that being the day we put our tree up there is no getting away from it.
Such a wonderful tradition that we look forward ~ the kids and I even at there grown-up ages....

Arhhhh yes.... a magical time ~ first where is the tree going this year ?
                                                      then ~ who is going to string the lights to the resounding joyous sound of Number 1 son " well I did it last year so it's someone else's turn......
yes the Magic has begun.... can you fill in the rest of the story lol   ....

Let me just say it ends up with a lot of hurmping and tisking and evil elf glares lol and me redoing the tree the next day whilst they all busy themselves somewhere else...

And so the Magic of Christmas begins for another year.......
    Would love to hear your Christmas tree stories



  1. Hope you had a great birthday last week, sorryI'm a tad late! Hope the markets have been kind to you

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes, we have just got home from a whizz around europe and can't wait to go again xxxx

  3. Thanks agin for the "bday wishes, yep another year has wizzed by! xxxx